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Sara & Rhett // Saskatoon September Wedding

Yay! Finally more blog posts coming from the fall. I’m starting to catch up a bit more since the snow is coming down AGAIN today and we’re at home having a nice warm cozy Sunday. This wedding is another special one for us being that it was our friends Sara & Rhett (and a whole slough of their friends and family) that we got to spend the day with. Lots of familiar faces through the day which made it even better! We also got the opportunity to work with Sica Films for the first time on this event which was great! Check out the bottom of this post for a few behind the scenes shot with Sica!

Luckily, it was an absolutely gorgeous September day, and even though it was a busy full day that seemed to fly by so fast, we had such an enjoyable experience doing what we love for people that we love also.

saskatoon wedding001_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding002_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding003_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding004_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding005_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding006_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding007_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding008_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding009_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding010_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding011_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding012_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding013_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding014_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding015_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding016_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding017_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding018_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding019_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding020_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding021_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding022_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding023_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding024_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding025_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding026_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding027_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding028_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding029_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding030_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding031_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding032_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding033_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding034_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding035_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding036_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding037_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding038_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding039_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding040_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding041_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding042_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding043_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding044_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding045_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding046_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding047_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding048_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding049_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding050_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding051_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding052_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding053_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding054_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding055_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding056_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding057_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding058_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding059_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding060_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding061_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding062_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding063_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding064_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding065_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding066_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding067_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding068_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding069_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding070_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding071_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding072_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding073_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding074_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding075_sara & rhettPINsaskatoon wedding076_sara & rhettPIN


Now for some BEHIND THE SCENES sneak peeks with SICA FILMS!

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