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Aloha! Our adventure to Hawaii

This January, Jerrod and I along with 3 other couples went on a trip to Oahu, Hawaii. We rented a beach house on the North Shore near Haleiwa. It was a great trip, the first non-work holiday in a long time so it felt great to leave the heavy camera bag at home and to be able to do all the things we want to do. We spent the whole week in the sun enjoying great weather, touring around the island and exploring. We also got to see some of the largest waves to hit the North Shore in almost 20 years. Hawaii is definitely one place I want to go back to, hopefully we can shoot a wedding there sometime soon!

IMG_001_hawaii photographerPINIMG_002_hawaii photographerPINIMG_003_hawaii photographerPINIMG_004_hawaii photographerPINIMG_005_hawaii photographerPINIMG_006_hawaii photographerPINIMG_007_hawaii photographerPINIMG_008_hawaii photographerPINIMG_009_hawaii photographerPINIMG_010_hawaii photographerPINIMG_011_hawaii photographerPINIMG_012_hawaii photographerPINIMG_013_hawaii photographerPINIMG_014_hawaii photographerPINIMG_015_hawaii photographerPINIMG_016_hawaii photographerPINIMG_017_hawaii photographerPINIMG_018_hawaii photographerPINIMG_019_hawaii photographerPINIMG_020_hawaii photographerPINIMG_021_hawaii photographerPIN

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